We will then build your downline for you

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We will then build your downline for you

Post  mariyin4347 on Wed Apr 14, 2010 10:55 am

Pyxism Team One is a team build program for PYXISM.

What is PYXISM?

PYXISM is a MLM program that offers Travel and Vacation Products. It has a business opportunity where you can earn $500 and $1000 over and over again in a 2x2 cycling matrix. You only need to fill 6 positions in order to cycle. Your boards never split and you always follow your sponsor.

Want to see more info on PYXISM? Please attend one of the live webinars or listen to a previously recorded webinar. You can see these webinars at PYXISM Webinars. This is something that you really need to see.

Want to see the Pay Plan for PYXISM?

There is a nice video that shows the entire pay plan and how much money can be earned at PYXISM. You can see it at the Compensation Video.

What is Pyxism Team One?

Pyxism Team One is a team building service for PYXISM. With our team building program we will find the referrals for you. Every team member is given 2 free referrals. We will then build your downline for you. Your entire downline will automatically follow you from matrix to matrix.

CLICK HERE to see what some of our members are saying about our team.

There is no cost to join our team. But you will need to join PYXISM with the referral link of one of our team members.

Questions about PYXISM or Pyxism Team One

Please don't ask them here as I may not see them. Please CLICK HERE to send me a support ticket and I will answer your questions directly.

Please visit our site for details about our program.

Pyxism Team One

You never need to recruit. We do the recruiting for you.


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